MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS – 20 Blue Color Wedding Palettes We Love

The color blue doesn’t necessarily have the best rapport. Between Picasso’s Blue Period and the common phrase “having the blues,” there’s plenty to suggest that the shade is anything but energizing. But we’d like to assert that the hue—in all its many forms—is one you should certainly consider for your ceremony and reception color palette. And the following photos, taken during real couple’s celebrations, are here to prove why.

From ocean-colored tablescapes and azure place cards to barely-blue wedding dresses and the prettiest cerulean napkins you’ve ever seen, there’s plenty to suggest that blue is about as dimensional (and wedding-worthy!) as a color can be. The best part? The shade can be modified for any type of wedding style. Punchy sapphire works best for modern parties. If you’re throwing a more traditional event, you absolutely can’t beat navy. The shade’s incredible range—from the deepest indigo to the clearest sky blue—makes it a malleable shade that’ll fit right into your ceremony or reception, whatever you have planned.

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