A restaurant between present and future

Osteria Figli dei Fiori has a traditional cuisine, at the same time wants to focus on renewal, proposing for this territorial specialties interpreted in a modern key. The menu therefore includes genuine and simple dishes, cared in every detail and personalized with taste. The same environments recall the tradition through ancient boiserie, trophies placed on the walls and wines on display, skilfully mixing the industrial and contemporary design of the flooring made with iron floor.

È la consapevolezza di chi siamo stati a protenderci verso sentieri non ancora calpestati.


The Osteria wants to be a space for sharing. According to this philosophy, it proposes the Common Table, a widespread trend in international contexts.

Let yourself be conquered by cold cuts and cheeses, but also by baked pasta, roast meat and salads. You can toast with the best wines, having a chat, why not, even with a stranger!

Our menu

Culinary delights that satisfy aroma and flavor and will conquer you at first sight.